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Easy Reference Glossary

People of Kyron’s Worlde

Asound icon new4irintia air-e-awn-sha H’euman prophetess/seer, one of the Seven.
  sound icon new4A’kai uh-ky – Prejudice man in Tahrek’s village that wants to rule the council.
  Asound icon new4kandal uh-con-doll – Tahrek’s friend in Mystmirr.

Asound icon new4yluin Lator ale-loo-in luh-tor– Frevell, Red Pelican Assassins’ Guild captain.

Bsound icon new4larn blarn – Kyra’s artist friend.

Bsound icon new4riane bree-awn-uh – mystic midwife.

Bsound icon new4urk berk – H’euman middle rank Red Pelican Assassin.

Csound icon new4amille cam-eel – H’euman brothel owner, D’trav’s lover.

Csound icon new4romant cro-mant – head guardian for the sharpra wolf clan.

Csound icon new4ynth sinth – Barrenthess.

Csound icon new4’zrantia kiz-rawn-she-uh – Tahrek’s mothers name.

Dsound icon new4anle don-lay – animal rescue expert – Untrained herbalist- sharpra female helped with bonding ceremony.

 sound icon new4Dick Charmer – H’euman gigolo that works for Camille. Randy’s lover.

 sound icon new4Doneil don-e-el – Barrenth.

D’trav duh-trahv – H’euman guard.

Escrach ezz-rock – H’euman captive on the pirate ship.

Fulter ful-ter – Gate guard for the freni-kyn.

Gazif Gaw-zif – Tahrek’s friend in Mystmirr.

Ian eye-awn – child being raised and trained by Ishk.

Ishk ishk – evil, the corrupter.

Jak jake – sadist.

Jyar jair – Kyra’s best friend.

K’talnish k-tal-nish – story teller in Mystmirr.

Kirtrion ker-try-awn – commander for the sharpra.

Kripta krip-tuh – Barrenth.

Kyra Atar ky-ruh – Kyra’s name, heir to the house of Atar-Kanesh.

Kyron ky-rawn – God – creator of the world; Llayentia.

Lance – H’euman member of the Red Pelican Assassin’s Guild.

Lanion lan-yun – Prophet, seer, one of the Seven.

Lissom lis-sum – pretty sharpra female about Tahrek’s age.

Lory lor-ee – elderly sharpra scholar.

Meeanna me-awn-nah – Trianna’s daughter.

Mi’emil me-ah-mil – herbalist teacher for Kyra.

Ml’an mul-awn – Sissan’s wife.

Montrez mon-trez – Lord from Falksfall.

Myra Lamesh my-ruh luh-mesh – Kyra’s fake identity in h’euman city.

Onglat on-glot – Enemy number one to the Red Pelican.

Paerlon pare-lon – elderly cheese maker.

Panet puh-net – Spokeswoman for the sharpra council.

Parian Zerelth par-e-awn Zeer-elth – Freni-Kyn prophet/ seer.

Querillia Mianet-Premis kwair-il-e-uh my-net pri-mis – Jyar’s and Zark’s mother.

Rachella ruh-shel-uh – sharpra female who helped with the bonding ceremony.

Randy ran-dee – H’euman gigalo that works for Camille. Dick Charmer’s lover.

R’kiax ruh-ky-ax – Sharpra assassin.

Rossarth ross-arth – H’euman helper to Kyra and Tahrek.

Sancha sawn-sha – Tahrek’s code name when playing a husband in Falksfall.

Sarenka sah-reen-kah – Young Freni-Kyn woman held captive by Burmtin.

Sissan sis-sawn – Tahrek’s best friend from childhood.

Taahrek Mitan taaw-rek – Tahrek’s full name in sharpraen dialect.

Tahrek tahr-ik – central dialect, name used by everyone but the sharpra people.

Tamika tah-mee-kah – H’euman leader of the washerwomen.

Thunder thun-der – a zent cat belonging to Mi’emil.

Trianna tree-awn-uh – Kyra’s nanny from childhood.

Trina Peirs tree-nuh peers – Kyra’s alias.

Ueshirono yew-she-ro-no – oriental seeming man from overseas.

X’reany ects-ree-uny – Kyra’s mother.

Yarishaina yar-ish-in-nuh – oriental seeming elderly female.

Zark zark – Jyar’s brother.

Zeffrl Tansk z-frel tonsk – Tahrek’s sharpra traveler disguise from southern drift.

Places of Kyron’s Worlde

Anest on-est – Small remote city.

Barren lands bair-un lands – North of Falksfall, unknown origin of name for a stretch of wilderness, though farmers don’t usually farm the country it grows prolifically and is anything but barren.

Burmtin berm-tin – Southern city.

Claw Lake – A small lake named for an abundance of small clawed creatures, whose eyeballs are considered a delicacy in the southern reaches.

Crenach cru-nosh or crin-osh – Name of a province to the north.

Darkiorn dark-ee-orn – H’euman run city, near the Darkiorn mountain range.

Falksfall falks-fall – Tradesroad central city.

Golden D’yroap Inn – Merchant’s inn, common class, located in Falksfall.

Istoarm Sea ice-storm – Located along the Burmtin coast, southwest of the tri-arch.

Lazanet River la-zuh-net – Named after its discoverer.

Parrmet pahr-met – Place overseas – known for fine pottery.

Refuge – A village that is hardly more than an outpost. Located between Claw Lake and The Barrens, it is a favored place to rest up and obtain supplies by hunters of both animal and treasure.

Saroch Volcano tsar-ahk – Volcano located in the Darkiorn mountain range.

Southern Maze – Southern desert area, known for its pockets of lush land.

Sweet Kaleenia kal-leen-e-uh – Well known eating establishment in Falksfall.

Trinkets – Scent shop in Kyra’s home town.

Turnkey – city.

Upper Steeps – Area near the Darkiorn mountain range. High elevation flatland or plain.

Upway University – Originally named Upper Way University but the name was shortened over time. University known for its excellent training facilities in the scientific field.



Things in Kyron’s Worlde


Airnelk air-nelk – Purple metal, more valuable than risen, less valuable than nighshk.

Alumoon tree all-uh-moon – A tree whose all-encompassing spring blossoms start out light peach, turn pale pink as the season extends, and finish off the season in a pink that borders on red. In some areas, the tree has spread to the point of becoming a nuisance tree, though none can deny the beauty of the areas when the blossoms cover the trees and ground with pink clouds of flowers. The tree produces a tiny, edible fruit which is not considered worth gathering by anyone but birds. Named after the second moon of Llayentia, Alum, which looks pink when in the sky alone.

Banish – The equivalent of triple strength coffee. Created from a variety of barks, beans, and spices. The most notable and highly questionable ingredient is Marnak dung. Although it is said to have been processed enough to remove all trace of the actual dung, many question its purported health benefits.

Barrenth bare-enth– Traveling tinkers\merchants\craftspeople who are thought to have originated from the barrens.

Begone bush – Bush completely and entirely covered with 2-3 inch thorns.

Belfu bell-foo¬ Spindle legged herd animal raised in southern areas, much like a cow is raised upon earth.

Berry – Sixth month of the year.

Bost – Type of wild boar, larger than standard and extremely aggressive, meat eater.

Branach bush braw-nock – Bush from central lands; often grown and harvested for making scrub brushes. The wild version is more difficult to work with because it takes more effort to pound and the bristles tend to snap but will do in a pinch.

Breal flower bray-el – Tall expensive flower spires which come in shades of pale pink and purple. Highly scented from Eastern and Western Frevell gardens.

Breyt breyet or bright – Blue metal, more valuable than gold, less valuable than riseen.

Carin cahr-in – Squirrellike creatures that were known for sneaking into people’s homes and stealing food.

Carlt grapes – Striped grape named after the person who discovered them, Carlton. Though he is thought to have been a Frevell, little else is known about him.

Crenach apples cru-nosh or crin-osh – Sweet rare apple with a slight purple hue when ripe and a very short picking season. Used to create wine and other delicacies.

Crenth nectar – A light fermented beverage made from the crenth fruit.

Dewberry dye – Deep purple dye obtained from the dewberry.

Drell storm – Frigid sever winter storm.

D’yroap dye-rope – Primary coin of Llayentia. Nicknames include rings, loops, and o-links. Its origins are from Before Betrayal, a time when the seven races worked together towards the common good of all peoples. Records show that Frevellian artisans, working alongside Glidarthian blacksmiths, developed a monetary system based on a series of metal ovals. The metals, in order of increasing value, were copper, silver, gold, breyt, riseen, airnelk, nighshk.

The oval shaped rings of metal were further engraved with a symbol representing each race. Each loop had embossed upon its inner edge a symbolic design, chosen by the Glidarthian metalsmiths for the seven rulers. In the end, the oval shaped rings of metal were, in increasing value: copper star (Freni-Kyn), silver wave (Watrelk), gold arrow (Sharpra), riseen tree (M’hakru), breyt gavel (Frevell), airnelk wing (Glidarth), nighshk map (H’euman).

Currently, due to the weight of carrying massive amounts of d’yroaps for large purchases, gems are added to the ovals to make a higher value. A silver oval with a wave design might be worth a hundred copper stars, unless it is set with a ruby, in which case it might be worth more than a gold arrow. Though the system is complicated, it continues to be used to this day.

D’yroapbird Dye-rope-bird– Bird named for its tendencies to sweep down and pluck d’yroaps from the hands of merchants. The merchants vowed revenge and began selling the birds’ white feathers, nearly exterminating the species and causing the birds to become rare.

Elplest el-plest – Unusual cheese made from the swamp cow and the elp herb. Made by sharpra in the Mystmirr.

Elt – Tiny shrimplike fresh water creature.

Foreveron Drug – A by-product of t’son barnacles accidentally discovered by pirates off the coast of the Istoarm Sea. Named after their ship ‘Forever’, and meant to signify that the pirate band aboard that particular ship would rule the seas forever. Popular among slavers, it causes the person who takes it to become uninhibited and sex-crazed, to the point of bodily harm, while at the same time keeping the person from experiencing any form of sexual release.

Freni-Kyn fri-ni-kin – Full formal name for the Freni-Kyn race.

Fressin fres-sin – Pale green mountain flower with a light sweet fragrance.

Frost – Tenth month of the eleven month year.

Gatral guh-trawl – Highly intelligent creature that corrals its prey then takes it out in traps, needlelike fur that drips green poison, eats prey alive over several days time.

Genmonkey jin-mun-kee – A three legged monkey named after its gender free body. It is unknown how these animals reproduce.

Glow plant – Plant with phosphorescent tendencies but which is used in swampy areas to mark pathways but has no other practical use since whatever caused the glowing immediately stopped once it was separated from the plant and transplanting out of the swamp has proven impossible.

Grassculp gras-culp – Small rodent with peach colored fur that collects and eats grasses.

Green tatron fruit ta-tron – Tangy fruit native to Freni-Kyn Landholdings.

Grinach grin-osh – Rodent raised for its fur. Tend to bite each other and the people who raise them especially when food was involved.

Gron-flute – Used during freni-kyn funerals, forlorn low sounding flute.

Hanirs hawn-eers – Large muscular cat mounts bred from wild cats, used by hunters, warriors and explorers.

Horsemane plant – Herbs whose roots were used to flavor meat. Also said to have healing properties.

Jeridite jair-i-dyt – A large and aggressive sea creature, sometimes measuring as long as 100 meters, which is primarily harvested for their massive shells. They are rumored to be magical, as none can explain how they stay afloat under the weight of the shell. Some parts of the shell are flexible, much like the bronze of earth, and can be beaten into shapes; therefore it is coveted as armor and adornment for the ordinary man.

Juiceberry – Tart berry that produced a phenomenal amount of juice for its small size. When cooked its flavor moved from tart to sweet. Used to sweeten medicines and all kinds of foods.

Kaleenia kal-leen-e-uh – Highly scented, gardenialike flower grown on the distant shores of Istoarm Sea known for its intense sweet smell. Sometimes used to mask the scent of death.

Kebatch ear kuh-botch – Large furry animal ear, also the name of a baked sweetbread delicacy.

Kyn kin – Slang for Freni-Kyn, one of the races of Llayentia.

Klysmen fish kleyez-mon – Small pinkish fish native to northern freni-kyn territory.

Kor nuts – Tasty nut widely collected throughout the lands, commonly used as a staple.

Kyron-be-damned ky-ron – A slang expression used as an exclamation. God. The creator.

Lamplets – Mind luring lights from the Mystmirr swamp.

Lark plant – A plant whose spicy leaves were known for giving people energy. Popular morning beverage among the freni-kyn, who have hybridized dozens of varieties.

Lenan spice leh-nun – Famous spice from the plants that grow around Lenan lake. Slightly bitter with a strong, sweet after-taste. Often used by aristocrats to clean teeth.

Life law – Sharpra term for someone who has taken a life bonding with someone from another adversarial tribe. The law prevents the mate from being killed.

Llayentia luh-len-sha – A continent of Kyron’s world.

Loop or Loops – Slang for d’yroap, first used by the Freni-Kyn and sometimes adopted by the other races.

Memoryban – Equivalent of moonshine or everclear.

M'hakru mu-hawk-rew – Barbaric race of men with evil death rituals.

M’hakru push dagger mu-hawk-rew – A blade created by the M’hakru because its small size can be easily concealed. The blade of this dagger can be made of any hard metal or stone and varies in length from two to four inches long. The hilt is placed at the top of the blade like a T, and therefore can be ‘pushed’ into someone with force.

Some elaborate M’hakru push daggers have multiple fold-out blades but require more skill and hence are less popular. These more complex daggers are carried in place of a shield during battle.

Midnight watch – Nickname given to the ones who were called to watch during a bonding ceremony.

Nighshk neyeshk – Black metal, most valuable unamalgamated metal of Llayentia.

Oce-fel os-uh-fel – Horse sized cats, usually topping six feet, used as mounts. Originally named from a breed of cat called Ocelot. This was a fanciful name since the Ocelot cat proved to be too wild to be tamed for a mount. Because of a need to keep the creatures smart, friendly, and tame-able most Oce-fels look like huge common alley-cats; their genetics haven been taken from nearly every breed of cat. These are not to be confused with Hanirs, the large hunter cats used by warriors, hunters, and explorers.

O-link – Slang for d’yroap, used primarily by sharpra, m'hakru and watrelk.

Papaver flower pa-puh-vear – Poppy flower.

Parna par-nuh – A council seat in Tahrek’s village, second highest.

Pitfalls – Local vines and native plants often grew over the top of them creating a natural trap of sorts. Some predators were even known to take up residence in them eating everything that fell in.

Por-steak – A tender cut of belfu , normally reserved for the wealthy.

Preral cycle pre-rawl – or Preral time – Refers to the cyclic time of a Freni-Kyn woman’s life where her hormones drive her into an almost feral need to mate and with as many as possible or whoever is available.

Priska pris-kuh – Strong brewed alcoholic beverage with a minty aftertaste.

Purpleberry tea – Oddly enough not made from purple berries but from the root of a plant called mush. Mush root tea just did not have the same appeal and hence the tea was renamed.

Quinch juice quince – Used to make a sleep elixir.

Rings – Slang for d’yroap, used by Glidarths and Barrenths.

Rinol-hide righ-nol – A herd animal raised in the Northeastern Lands primarily for its hide because its flesh is tough and difficult to chew. The hide is also tough, making it a popular choice for leather armor. There are, however, some culinary uses for the animals.

Riseen reye-seen – Green metal, more valuable than breyt, less valuable than airnelk.

Saroch fire-stick tsar-och– One of the more evil uses of the Saroch fire stones: wooden sticks hollowed out, covered with a metal cap on one end and filled with fire stones from the Saroch volcano. The stones react when the metal is placed against flesh, causing electrical burn damage.

Seek’ranor seek-ruh-nor – Freni-kyn term for undercover agent, making reference to being an uncoverer of truth. Sometimes called Uncoverers.

Shellmate – Strategy game traditionally played with shells as the pieces on a simple grid board.

Sola leaf so-lah– Common green leaf tea.

Stekna stek-nuh – Small but prolific bird which lives in moist areas. Though its eggs were small it was known for laying as many as 12 at a time and a single tree might have dozens of nests within it. Because harvesting the eggs is so easy, it is a popular meal ingredient. The dung under the tree was also useful for fertilizing gardens.

Sudsalve sud-sav – Plant which had some medicinal and cleansing properties. Not use often in town because it was impossible to get rid of the stench should it rot.

Sunight – Day of the year when the moon and sun were in the sky at the same time. Freni-kyn use it as an excuse for wild partying and mating partially because the odd fluctuations in magnetic energies caused hormonal swings in their bodies. Originally a combination of the words sun to night, the words had combined over time into one word.

Swamp cow – Large, slug-like mammalian creature that dwells in the Mystmirr; used by Sharpras to produce milk, cheese, and meat.

Swampgas tree – Mystmirr tree that produces prodigious amounts of sulfur, which although smelly on its own, poisoned nearby small creatures whose rotting bodies added the the general stench of the area and fertilized the tree. Due to this the trees were usually very large.

Tana bean tree taw-nuh – Tree with oversized leaves known for their ability to keep things in them fresh, often used to wrap herbs by herbalists.

Tant tree tawnt – Large-thorned tree with wood so dense that it dulls the axes used to cut it within a few strokes. The roots are almost impossible to dig out and take years to break down.

Time-slave – This is a person who has chosen to sell themselves to another person as a slave for an agreed upon period of time. The deal is sealed with a tattoo, or ink, as the people of Llayentia call them. The tattoo must be placed in a prominent position, yet most people choose upper back and shoulder, as these areas can be covered by clothing more readily than a hand or wrist. The tattoo has the time period of the enslavement noted on it. When the time is up, most choose to have the tattoo removed or altered to make them disappear. Unless the removal is done by an expert, there will be a scar.

Trade table – A traditional term the barrenths used to signal that negotiations had begun

Traveler – Respected name given to those sharpras who choose to go out and gain information for the tribe, a spy of sorts.

T’son barnacles tsawn – Barnacles that grow in the Istoarm Sea; source of the Foreveron drug.

Uncoverer – See Seek’ranor.

Vapoor vuh-poor – Venomous lizard whose dung is caustic enough to eat into stone.

Vengeance – Another name for Memoryban, the equivalent of earth’s moonshine or Everclear.

Vespra-lanir ves-pruh luh-neer – Small creature with razor-like teeth which hunts in packs. Their saliva holds bacteria which causes wounds to become infected, so that even if the prey escapes the vespra-lanir can follow and take out its prey after it has weakened.

Wan cat wahn – Large cat know for its grace when on the hunt. Often bred as a companion to hunters.

Water Corn – Corn grown in swampy areas, more flavorful than regular corn but also spoils more rapidly due to high water content.

Watrelk wah-trelk – one of the seven races of Llayentia, natural affinity for water.

Xaeron tsay-ron – Name of the second penis of a male sharpra. Unlike the primary penis this one remains soft until stimulated by moisture, once it’s activated it seeks out the female sharpra’s clitoral opening, elongating and thickening until the approximate size of a h’euman penis. It vibrates and rubs on its own within the opening, sending the female into orgasm and triggering the release of their eggs.

Yenin leaf yin-in – Used as a sort of hair dye, dark brown, oily and poisonous if eaten but with a bitter enough taste that it wasn’t likely to be consumed in the quantity it would take to kill someone.

Zaernut tree zair-nut – This interesting tree grows in the Mystmirr swamp and is valued for its fruit, nut, and bark. While the health giving nut is odorous, the fruit that surrounds it is sweet scented and gathered for use in perfumes, as is the bark. The fruit is so bitter that the animals do not eat it and, given the degree of disagreeable taste, it is surprising that anyone discovered that the nut had nutritive value.

Zent cat – Large cat known for its antenna resemblance to the zent moth which had large antenna that curled up when not in use but opened out to flat ‘feelers’. In the cat the feelers resembled flat feathers the size of the ball of the thumb of the average size hand. Some believe zent cats have special abilities to read minds because of their seeming compassion for people in pain. Popular among healers.



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